HSOB Burnside Hockey Club

Junior Club Managers Checklist

Junior Club Managers Checklist

Be responsible for Teams contact details, including email and phone numbers for all players and coach

Clearly communicate all game times and training times (including cancellations etc) to all team members and coach.

Responsible for delegating a referee for each game (mini sticks grade)

To be present at practices to help manage team

Work with coach to create your team culture and morale.

Responsible for Team uniforms, distribution and collection.

Sign up for FOX SPORTS PULSE, this has all games draws etc on it, and please let your team know they can look there too.

See Coaches checklist, to define responsibilities

All Junior teams need a manager, and we appreciate your help and support, please respect your coach and support them in a positive way. Work together as a team and you will have a great experience and the children will have fun too.

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