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Where is the Burnside High Turf? Entrance is a narrow driveway on Greers Road beside a bus stop directly outside the school. Wind through the back of the school until you see the swimming pool on your right, the turf is beside the pool. Limited parking is available in the school grounds. Park in the first car park by the road, the back carpark gets locked.

Gear: 'Just Hockey' on 210 St Asaph St has a great deal (while stocks last) calleda starter kit about $39.90- that includes a good quality stick, mouthguard, shin pads and a ball or ask us about our subsidised starter packs. It is a good idea to put a name on your child’s gear.  'Sporting Edge', 501 Wairakei Road also has hockey supplies. 


Boys: Silky knee length sports shorts in colour ‘Royal’ a short-sleeved white club shirt, and knee length plain white socks (socks can be purchased at Just Hockey).  Most grades uniform supplied. A long sleeved plain thermal may be worn under the  shirt in cold weather.

Girls: A blue skirt in colour ‘Royal’ and a short-sleeved white club shirt, knee length plain white socks. Long white socks can be purchased from Just Hockey and Sporting Edge. A long sleeved plain thermal may be worn under the  shirt in cold weather.

ACC Requirements: It is compulsory for mouthguards and shin pads to be worn at both practices and games if you wish any accidents to be covered by ACC.

Cancellations: Coaches will have their own policy on what sort of weather cancels a practice and how he/she will convey this information. Cancellation of Saturday morning games is not common as we play on an all weather surface, so yes, we are often out there in the rain! Listen for cancellations on Newstalk ZB 1098AM from 7.00am onwards.

Subscription Notices:  Subs information will be available on Registration day.

You can find games times from the Canterbury Hockey website, or Fox sport Pulse app for your phone.



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