HSOB Burnside Hockey Club

HSOB-Burnside Club Uniform

The new club uniform was designed by Praveen Menon and Hilary Sutherland at the start of the 2007 season. The new uniforms incorporates the colours of both the High School Old Boys and Burnside clubs. The uniform is manufactured by Kukri. HSOB-Burnside is one of the few clubs that provides a full tracksuit for its senior teams. The tracksuits new for 2008 are Kukri.

Men's Uniform. Designed by Praveen Menon & Hilary Sutherland (2007)

Womens Uniform (2007)
Men's Uniform. Designed by Praveen & Sanjiv Menon (2000-2006)

Womens Uniform (2000-2006)

The club supplies and maintains ownership of the shirt and shorts/skirt and tracksuits. Socks are to be purchased by the individual and can be bought from your team manager or by contacting Praveen Menon - club gear representative.

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